About Sophie

Sophie has over six years of competitive triathlete experience and have represented Great Britain at the European and World Age Group Championships. She has also been a competitive swimmer both pool based and open water for the last 15 years competing at regional level and taking part in English swim camps.

Due to her extensive experience in some of the UK’s biggest triathlons, swimming competitions, racing abroad and through competing at countless local events, she is fully equipped to coach athletes. No matter the target, Sophie is able to help athletes of all abilities and experience to realise their true potential and achieve their goal.

In her role as a fully qualified triathlon coach with over four years of professional coaching experience, her clients have witnessed significant improvements across all disciplines in triathlon. This includes an individual who struggled to swim a length before coming to see her. Since then they have competed in their first sprint and standard distance triathlon!

Sophie’s passion towards swimming has led her to coaching children and adults of all abilities to swim whether it be in a pool environment or in the great outdoors in lakes, rivers and the ocean. Her knowledge is vast in the swimming world and wants to share it with all levels of swimmers so they can reach their full potential and goal. She also aims to get everybody to love swimming!!!