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Alderfest 2022 in pictures - alderford

Alderfest 2022 in pictures


I mean, what a day!!! What an absolutely amazing day! We’ve been planning and talking about this festival every single day for the last 6 months and we couldn’t have wished for it to have gone better. Our customers are the absolute best festival go-ers! The feedback we have received has been incredible – thank you, it means the world to us all! We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! Please upload your pictures to our website, we’d love to see them.

Most asked question of the day… are we doing it next year…. what do you think!!!! Of course we are!!! 1st July 2023!! Let us know who you want headlining and performing Alderfest 2023, we do have a few in mind….

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There are so many people to thank and we will very soon. One thing is for sure, we have the ultimate most incredible team & every single one of you gave it 110% and we say this a lot but we couldn’t be more proud! You are simply awesome Team A x

For now, sing with us, SHE’S SO LOV-E-LY!

Picture credit and a huge thank you goes to:

Matt Pate Photography

Rock The Shot

Emily J Morgan

Leon Mansell

Paul Cooke

Sam Telford

Gavin Kerr

We will continue to upload photos over the next few weeks as they come through!

Competition time – Upload your photos here
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