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Aqua Paddle is coming to Alderford! - alderford

Aqua Paddle is coming to Alderford!

Aqua paddle at Alderford Lake Poster

Aqua Paddle is a free timed 5K social paddle ran by volunteers for all paddling abilities on different crafts.

We are so excited for our first Aqua Paddle event to be on Sunday 21st May, with the plan to run these every Sunday morning from this date.

The start time will be at 9am, meeting from 8am. The 5K paddle will involve paddling five times around the lake.

If you are planning to attend you will need to register at: https://aquapaddle.org/paddles?id=93

After registering, you will be allocated a number which you will need to wear during your paddle. You can either print this number off and attach it to your clothing, or you can purchase an Aqua Paddle Event Bib from Aqua Paddle’s Website, where all money goes straight to their charity.

People taking part in an Aqua Paddle Event

If you need to hire a paddleboard for the event you can do so here!

If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please send us a message or drop Danny an email to activities@alderford.com.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 21st May!

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