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Christmas Gift Ideas - alderford

Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas is getting closer, and like a lot of people you may be thinking, where has the year gone? This year we decided to put together an Alderford Christmas gift guide from our Farmshop, Lakeside Kitchen and other activities on site. Our guide is a saviour for anyone in your life that is notoriously difficult to buy for. 

Afternoon Tea Voucher

As Christmas approaches, you will be spoilt for choice with Alderford food offerings. Whether you’re coming for a festive gathering, to enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the café. With our warming fire, and breath-taking views of the lake and it’s surroundings. Or perhaps you’re looking to come later on in the year, when the sun is shining and the weather is warmer.

No mater what time of year you are looking to come to the lake and enjoy an Afternoon Tea, the voucher will last you 6 months. This gives you plenty of time to decide when the best time visit is for you.

Activities Voucher

Christmas at Alderford offers a truly magical experience for all of the family! We have a spectacular range of festive activities available.

Our activities gift voucher could be used towards activities such as bulk buys, we offer these for walkers, swimmers or if you’re looking to self launch. Of course it could also be used toward aquapark sessions, self launch/ swim passes, or a walkers pass. Also, you could use the voucher towards our Escape Islands, pick between The Curse of Camelot, The Forbidden Lair or Extinction!

If you are not sure what you would like to put the voucher towards, maybe think about getting a custom voucher. This voucher will allow the gift receiver to decide what they would like to use the voucher towards.

Gifts in the Farmshop

Alongside the traditional products, the farm shop presents a unique range of freshly baked on-site cakes, traybakes and savoury delights. Our Farm Shop is the ideal destination for finding the perfect gift for loved ones throughout the seasons.

This Christmas our Farmshop have all sorts of treats! Here is a short list of the some of the sweet treats we are offering this year:

-Rocky Road hot chocolate shot.

-Festive chocolate lollies.

-Salted Caramel milk hot chocolate bomb, filled with white marshmallows.

-A festive tin of double chocolate biscuits.

-Gingerbread train decorating kit.

-Mixed hot chocolate shots.

And so much more, we would love to see you, so pop in and stock up for Christmas. Of course sweet treats aren’t the only thing we have in our Farmshop this year. Come and browse our selection of Christmas ornaments, we have wooden reindeer, a selection of felt Christmas ornaments, Christmas themed wall rugs, ceramic candle holders, these are in the shape of Christmas trees with stars for the light to shine through.

There are so many perfect gifts in our Farmshop, for family, friends, a loved one or just one special.

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