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Festival essentials for Alderfest 2024

Festival essentials for Alderfest 2024


We are so excited to see you all again for another AMAZING family festival. Alderfest 2024 is going to be the perfect way to start your summer, sharing special moments and making unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

Alderfest 2024 is quickly approaching, it’s important to start thinking about packing! Here are some essentials for Alderfest to help keep you happy and comfortable over the weekend.

1. Entry Ticket

No ticket, no entry. This has to be one of the most important things to bring to the festival. Once you have purchased an Alderfest ticket it will be sent directly to your email in the form of an E-Ticket. This means as long as you have your phone or a mobile device with the ticket you, you wont forget it!

If you don’t receive this confirmation email or loose it somehow make sure to get in contact with our team before the Alderfest dates! This way we can help find you tickets and solve the problem stress free!

Email: enquiries@alderford.com

Tel: 01948 665914

2. Your Phone

Bringing your phone is a must for any festival. Not only will it hold your tickets but also all your contacts. When at a festival it is so important to keep in touch with your group, letting everyone know meeting points, where you are and where to find you.

However, phones are so easy to leave behind or loose at such a busy event. Please keep your phone in a safe place, we recommend a zipped up bag, as phones can easily drop out of pockets or slip out of hands leaving them either damaged or lost.

3. Money

With so many different food and drinks stalls to explore at Alderfest your tastebuds will be tingling. We don’t want you to miss out on all of the delicious food options. Remember, staying hydrated and fuelled with food is so important. So, don’t miss out and forget your money.

4. ID

Here at Alderford we do operate under the challenge 25 regulations, so please respect our staff and if you’re planning on drinking for example, be prepared have your age challenged. We want everyone to be able to have a good time and enjoy some drinks from the bar, but in order to keep everyone safe, make sure you have your ID to hand and ready for our bar staff!

5. Water bottle

Staying hydrated in the summer months is so important! We recommend bringing your own water bottle to encourage you to drink through-out the day! However, if you happen to forget a water bottle we will be selling Alderfest bottles, so not to worry, just grab one of your own from one of our merchandise stores.

6. Sun protection

Protecting yourself from the sun is so important, especially when you’re outside all day! Don’t forget to bring along some sun-cream and keep applying though-out the day. Along with this a sunhat and sunglasses are also must have’s. But, if you don’t have ant to bring or forget yours, we will be selling our own. So, don’t miss out and grab some of out Alderfest 2024 merch!

7. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes

With so many people in one place, festivals like Alderfest can unfortunately be full of germs. To prevent you catching nay viruses or infections we recommend brining some hand gel or antibacterial wipes, use these to clean your hands through-out the day, especially before eating. There of course will also be toilets and sinks available for all of you to use, but none the less it can be handy to keep something in your bag which you can use to keep clean.

8. Hairbrush and hair-ties

This one is for the ladies especially, definitely if you have long hair. It is the best feeling doing your hair for a day out, whether you’re going curly or straight your bound to look AMAZING. But, if you’re deciding to wear your hair down, or in an updo which might cause you to have an uncomfortable headache later int he day make sure to bring backup, a claw clip maybe? Or a couple of hair-ties will do the job. This will prevent you getting frustrated with your hair getting in the way of a good day.

9. A Portable charger

With your phone being an absolute essential for staying in contact with friends family and taking those amazing pictures, it is the worst feeling when it dies on you! This is why we recommend you bring a portable charger, keeping you fully charged all day. Portable chargers are only small and so easy to pack in the bottom of a bag, with them being so convenient, there is no reason not to bring one.

10. Something Warm

With living in the UK and holding a festival here we know the weather is unpredictable. It is important to pack for your festival day with his in mind. It will be worthwhile to being along something warm encase the wind gets up or the sun hides behind the clouds, like a jumper. Equally, the weathers could completely urn on us and start raining! A small rain coat or a poncho is perfect. something lightweight to carry and carry on dancing in.

But, sometimes it is hard to remember all of these essentials, if you forget, don’t panic! We will be selling Alderfest jumpers, ponchos and even T-shirts. With these, we’ve got you covered, no matter the weather!

We are so excited to see you all this year at Alderfest! Tickets are selling out FAST, so if you haven’t already got yours make sure to grab them and start your summer the right way!

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