Open Water Swimming Coaching

Private & Group Lessons

Friendly open water swimming coaching sessions with like-minded people. Suitable for everyone from beginner open water and leisure swimmers, to triathletes of ranging abilities and experience.

Whether you’re anxious about getting into the open water for the first time, wanting to try open water swimming for pleasure, or a seasoned triathlete looking to improve your race times and get that age group podium finish, our expert coaching will make you swim more comfortably and faster, all while learning to love open water!

Sophie Whittingham

Triathlon & Swim Coach

Sophie will focus her coaching on intermediate to advanced swimmers – her sessions will focus on the swimmer’s technique and swim fitness. She will provide specific swimming sessions and sets that will build the athletes endurance and speed to achieve their race goal and distance. She will also be able to provide vital race pointers, tactics and skills for swimming in open water. Sophie really understands the importance of swimming technique and how it can help with efficient swimming – this will be demonstrated in every coached swim session.

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Harriet Ballantyne

Open Water Swim Coach & Nutritionist

Harriet will focus her coaching on beginner to intermediate swimmers. She will provide sessions working on a range of skills including: confidence in the water, open water specific skills, swimming for positive mental wellbeing, building swim distances, and working with people transitioning from pools to open water for the first time.

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Swim Coaching price list

For further information on private and group lessons along with prices, please follow this link Open Water Swim Coaching Pricing

Contact Details


Harriet Contact – 07527542880 ;

Sophie Contact – 07837962778 ;

Open Water House Rules

*Ensure you are prompt for your swim session

*All swimmers require a brightly coloured hat – coaches can provide a tow float for 1:2:1 sessions if required

*All swimmers need to be able to swim at least 15 minutes without stopping in a swimming pool

*Swimmers are to fill out a medical questionnaire and read the Alderford swim waiver before a session

*All swimmers MUST sign in and out with the coaches before and after swim

*Payment for 1:2:1, 2:2:1 and groups to be received prior to the session via direct debit or cash at the start of the session.

*Early bird sessions are cash on the day, unless purchasing a book of sessions (direct debit)