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Benefits of Open Water Swimming - alderford

Benefits of Open Water Swimming


Here are some health benefits from open water swimming.

Increased happiness

After a session swimming it has been shown that the production of hormones released by the thyroid are increased up to 50% with some benefits of this including regulating weight, body temperature, muscle strength but also your mood which helps in both making you happier and healthier!

Going for a swim outdoors also boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine levels and stimulates the release of the endorphins which give you that feel good feeling.

Better sleep

When swimming outdoors, the cold water stimulates you parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which key role is to repair the body. Stimulating this promotes a feeling of relaxation which should assist in delivering a better nights sleep.

Boosted immune system

Open water swim training in colder water can reduce the potential over-production of certain hormones that can contribute to impaired immunity, in effect making your more body more robust and resistant to infection.

Ice baths are also used by elite athletes all over the world to aid post performance recovery. The science is simple, your body reacts to the cold temperatures by directing blood away from your extremities to protect the organs in your core.

The low blood flow to your limbs decreases inflammation and allows muscles to recover much quicker. A bracing dip can give you all the benefits of an ice bath.

A Boost to self esteem.

By giving yourself a challenge and taking a dip in the cold water this can increase your mental strength. Getting out your comfort zone builds confidence and courage giving you that feeling of accomplishment.

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