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Dry Robe Review! - alderford

Dry Robe Review!


Dry Robe Review!

Want to know if Dry Robes are worth the hype, well today I spoke to our Activities Manager Danny and asked him a few questions about his Dry Robe.

1.Which Dry Robe Model do you have?

Danny: Grey/Black Advance Short Sleeve.

2. What were your first impressions of the product?

Danny: It took me a while to commit to buying a Dry Robe, but once I did it completely changed my post-water activity experience!

3. What are some positives?

Danny: It has a warm and comfortable lining, which feels great to wear between or after water activities. It also keeps the rain/wind out on bad weather days.

4. What are some negatives?

Danny: I prefer a regular towel/poncho for getting dry/changed and tend to just use the Dry Robe to keep the elements out when standing around! They are also quite expensive, but I know other brands are available.

5. Do you feel that it is good quality?

Danny: Yes, it’s excellent quality, keeps the weather out and is comfortable to wear.

6. What type of activities do you use your Dry Robe for?

Danny: I use it after Surfing, Paddleboarding, and Open Water Swimming, whilst spending time at the beach, and on those cold/wet days at Alderford!

7. Is your Dry Robe practical to use?

Danny: It isn’t ideal to wear during an activity, but rather to keep warm and dry afterwards. It has lots of pockets and zips which are useful.

8. In your opinion does the Dry Robe ‘do what it says on the tin’? Did it live up to your expectations?

Danny: I did expect it to be easier to get changed in a Dry Robe, but still prefer my poncho – Perhaps ordering a larger size would help with that! Instead, I tend to use it as a coat, and now wish I’d bought the long sleeve version.

9. Are there any features you wish it had or anything you would add to it?

Danny: No, I would just order one with long sleeves!

10. Do you feel the Dry Robe is good value for money?

Danny: Yes, because the quality is great. They are also quite fashionable now with lots of different colours and patterns available.

You can get your own Dry Robe here!

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