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Adopt don't shop- Alderford is a great place to bring your dog

Adopt don’t shop- Alderford is a great place to bring your dog


“Adopt don’t shop” is a campaign allowing our community to give domestic animals a fresh chance at life! Encouraging people to adopt domestic animals from shelters, discouraging purchasing them from breeders. Adopt don’t shop applies to all domestic animals, big and small!

Here are some reasons why adopting a pet is the preferred choice and how Alderford can help with the process of creating a bond with your dog.

1. What Alderford has to offer you and your dog

Alderford is a great place to visit all year round. In summer when the sun hits the lake and the weather is just right to visit with your dog or, in winter when you can bundle up and even visit our cafe with your dog to keep cosy and warm.

With everywhere on site being dog friendly its an easy place to come and enjoy a day out with your dog, family and friends. Even if you’re not looking for a walk, our cafe and farm shop are dog friendly. The perimeter of the lake is just under a mile making the walk about 20-30 minutes.

Don’t forget to connect with the outdoors, we want you and your dog to enjoy your time outside. Being outside in nature is naturally calming, and biologically benefits the working of the mind.

2. You are saving a life.

Giving this animal another shot at life is such a rewarding experience as in the past they may have been abused, abandoned, and given no quality of life. By adopting you are giving these animals a safe loving home in which they can grow to be trusting, happy and healthy again.

Alderford is such a friendly place to bring your dog for a walk. Some animals after being rescued can be jumpy and easily scared, this isn’t something you will have to worry about here. Alderford is a quite, spacious place your new dog can enjoy!

3. You won’t be supporting any backyard breeder

Under cruel conditions, many dogs are forced to breed at unhealthy, unethical rates. Choosing to adopt helps avoid these organisations and raise awareness against them.

4. You help prevent over population.

Choosing the route of adoption. Caring for an animal that seeks a fresh start and supporting shelters over pet shops and breeders. If you’re adding a pet to your family, try to ensure the pet comes from a legitimate shelter/ non-profit rescue group. Pet overpopulation is a serious problem. As a result of people purchasing their animals from breeders/ pet stores animal shelters become overcrowded and are unable to care for the large amount of homeless pets around the UK. Sadly, not enough people adopt their pets from shelters to help ease the crowding.

5. You might just find your dream pet.

With thousands of shelters and so many unique animals. There’s a grantee you’ll find the one that fits into your family perfectly.

And what better place to bring them than here at Alderford, our site is dog friendly so whether you are coming for something to eat or drink, or to shop for some fresh produce in our farm shop. Perhaps you would like a swim in the lake. You can always bring your dog along.

6. You gain the advantages of an adult dog.

Many dogs in shelters are adolescent or adult dogs, rather than puppies. Meaning they’re likely to already know some basic commands or be housetrained. Don’t forget, these dogs have developed great personalities ready to bond with you!

Bonding is easy when you’re walking. It gives you the opportunity to help your furry friend learn new commands and adjust to their new lifestyle. Alderford’ s walk is perfect for dogs of all sizes with the perimeter of the lake being just under a mile!

7. You get lifetime support from shelter employees.

No one knows more about the dog you are adopting other than the people working at the shelters themselves. Each day they provide care, love and support for these dogs. They can assist you with the move and help you with any training or behaviour work you may struggle with.

Not forgetting, meeting new dogs can be difficult sometimes and we understand owners want a safe space to walk their dog. Here at Alderford our recommendation is that all dogs are kept on a lead. Also, there is plenty of room along the pathways if you wanted to distance yourself from any other dogs. Allowing you and your dog to feel safe on site.

8. You support a valuable community and charitable institution.

It is always good to show love to local organisations, by adopting you are contributing to the on-going care of the animals left at the shelter. There are effective organizations, funded through donations, that can improve the lives of neglected animals. However, you play a massive part in supporting the shelters.

9. You adopt a healthy pet.

Shelters can provide excellent medical treatment as well as necessary vaccinations. They may also have been sterilised and microchipped making them ready to join your family. This takes a lot of pressure of for the big move.

Not only is it important that the dog is healthy when you adopt it, but it’s important to keep them healthy throughout their life with a good diet and regular walks. Alderford is a great place for your dog to have a quick walk, with great scenery, keeping you both healthy and happy.

10. Adoption is good for your wallet and soul.

It costs significantly less to rescue a pet from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder or shop. Other expenses like needed vaccinations and medical treatment may have be done and covered by the shelter. Not only is rescuing an animal cost effective but its such a rewarding experience.

Don’t forget about your mental health, having a companion like a dog can help you keep you motivated to get out and about. Why not come grab a warm drink from our Lakeside Takeaway. Have a stroll with your dog, no matter what the weather Alderford is a great place to be.

11. You’ll improve their life as well as your.

Adopting an animal in need will not only support the health and wellbeing of the pet. Studies show that having a pet could help you live longer, whilst improving your overall happiness and health. Having a loyal companion also helps people with stress, anxiety and depression.

Helping out doesn’t just mean adopting. This could be visiting centres, showing support via social media. Also, donating anything from food, toys or monetary donations. Anything can help.

Local rescue centres

Here are some local centres in Shropshire where you can visit or help today. Not all of these offer dogs to adopt but there are loads of other animals in need of your help! Adopting a furry friend will be a great addition to your family, here are some links sending you to find your perfect match.

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury

RSPCA Gonsal Farm Animal Centre

Shropshire Cat Rescue

RSPCA Stapeley Grange

What Alderford has to offer you and your Dog

Here at Alderford everywhere is dog friendly, so why not bring your furry friend along. The perimeter of the lake is just under a mile. The walk will take you around 20 minutes- 30. Our Admission pass includes a full day at the lake, so you’re welcome to use the facilities. Enjoy the day with your dog!

We also offer swim and self launch passes. Perhaps you and your dog are looking to enjoy the water. Our lake is the perfect place for a cool of dip.

Everywhere on site is dog friendly! Come and enjoy something special at The Lakeside Kitchen. Our Lakeside Team are passionate about about using fresh local ingredients in your food. Bring you dog along for some food with a view.

Finally, Alderford Farm shop offers a range of locally sourced produce. Which is consistently updated and replenished, to ensure the best possible hand-picked selection that the surrounding area has to offer. Alongside, you can find a thoughtful for your loved one no matter the season. All our staff love meeting your furry friends so please bring them along.

To find out more about what Alderford has to offer click here.

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