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Escape Rooms on an Island! - alderford

Escape Rooms on an Island!


The Escape Islands are BACK for 2024, each Island is different and unique!

We have FIVE BRAND NEW ISLANDS this year and we can’t wait to introduce them all to you!

Our Escape Islands are an escape room like you have never experienced before. You must take a voyage across the lake to uncover mysteries and find your way back to shore. A totally outdoor experience.

Let us introduce you…….. but will you be up for the challenge?


You have been sent on a journey to discover the lost treasure of the pirates and you only have 60 minutes to uncover his secrets and treasures before it is lost forever. Are you up for the challenge?

This is designed for children (8-13) and does include a little prize!

The Lost Temple

A mysterious, ancient, exotic hoard of Aztec gold is hidden in the depths of the jungle. The legend of Montezuma’s treasure has yet to be found and holds almighty value. You must hurry as the treasure can’t fall into the wrong hands it’s your job to hand over to the museum where it belongs. The hunt is on explorers.

Medieval Mystery

Tasked with a quest by King Arthur himself, you must follow magic and mystery to find the King’s crown before it is lost for good. But beware you only have 1 hour until chaos envelops Camelot.

Wanted in the Wild West

Stranded in the Wild West, you are a group of bandits trying to steal the loot from the bank. You have 1 hour before the Sheriff returns from hunting outlaws to sneak into the bank and steal the loot before the Sheriff starts shooting iron and kills you next.

The Island Retreat

After planning a quiet trip away, you have come across your cabin in the secluded woods. But not everything is quite as it seems. Can you escape the terror before you to meet your deadly fate?

Key Information

Age Restrictions:

  • Children aged 8 and under will need an adult (18+) with them at all times in a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children. If the child is entering the water, the adult MUST go in the water with them (1 adult can supervise 3 children in the water)
  • Children aged 9-12 (inclusive) will need an adult (18+) with them at all times with a ratio of 1 adult to 10 children. If the child is entering the water, the adult MUST go in the water with them (ratio of 1:10)
  • Children 13-17 (inclusive) will need a supervisor to come onto site with them and supervise (they do not have to go into the water with the child). This supervisor must be 21+ and can supervise 10 children.
  • You must be 18 to enter site without an accompanying adult.

Suitable clothing:

We recommend you wear clothing according to the weather on the day. If it is rainy or wet please wear clothes you’re happy to potentially get mucky. Also, wear shoes which are comfortable, preferably flat shoes or perhaps wellies if it is wet.

You will not be going in the water/swimming for any of the Islands as you will be taken over to the and back from Island on a boat! So, don’t worry about wetsuits or swimsuits. Buoyancy aids are provided for the journey over and back.

Available from March 20th 2024.

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