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How swimming can benefit your mental health - alderford

How swimming can benefit your mental health


How swimming can benefit your mental health

Swimming can be the perfect way to relax, unwind and destress. Scientists have proved that cold water immersion can have a positive impact on your mental health helping you to lead a happier, healthier life.

Alderford is the perfect destination for wild swimming. With nature all around you it’s a place where you can take in the sights and sounds of the lake while you enjoy your swim.

Six ways swimming can benefit your mental health

It boosts dopamine levels- Immersing your body in the cold water of the lake will increase dopamine levels and increase he release of endorphins.

Ecotherapy- Being outdoors and connecting with nature has a proven positive impact on our mental health.

Mindfulness- Sometimes it can be difficult to bring ourselves into the present moment as our lives can be so busy and overwhelming. Feeling the cold water combined with being outside can help us relax and experience a connection between the body and mind.

Community- Our staff here at Alderford help to make your experience as smooth and effortless as possible. Not only this but the wild swimming community is very friendly. With events taking place over the year Alderford Lake is the perfect place to meet new people.

Exercise- Keeping fit and healthy can have a massive impact on both our physical and our mental health. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It helps to lower blood pressure and something that is easy on the joints.

Reducing symptoms of anxiety- Overcoming the resistance to entering cold water can help boost your self confidence, feel proud of your accomplishment! This subsequently reduces anxiety levels.

Routine is important

A routine can help reduce stress. Adding structure into your day is important. It helps you to feel more organised, this can reduce anxiety. Making a routine out of wild swimming and fitting it into you weekly routine can have lasting benefits to your mental health.

Getting into a routine of swimming a few times a week can help to make your week feel more productive and structured. Routine will massively help your mental health. Wild swimming in the morning will help relax your state of mind and it will help you to focus on the day ahead. Equally, if you have had a long stressful day before heading home, try wild swimming. This can help to calm your thoughts making you feel ready for your evening.

Introducing a new hobby

Hobbies can reduce and eradicate boredom. Giving you something to do when you find yourself with nothing to do. Hobbies give you an activity to look forward to and get excited about. Having a hobby can also relieve stress, keeping you engaged in something you enjoy.

Developing skills is an important part of taking on a new hobby and as a result you may find your self esteem increases along with your confidence. Open water swimming will challenge you.

The social side of swimming

Swimming is a great exercise you can do by yourself, but it is also a great way to socialise with others. Joining a swimming community can benefit your mental health. Here at Alderford our staff will make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our lake is also a great place to meet new people, we hold yearly events where like-minded swimmers come to enjoy the facilities of the lake.

The opportunity to socially connect is key to improving and maintaining your mental health and wellbeing. It is a great way to share positive experiences with others.

It’s a great form of exercise

Swimming is one of the best and most accessible forms of exercise that you can do for your body. Engaging almost every major muscle group it is a great form of exercise. Building up strength and improving your fitness.

Also, swimming is easy on the joints along with any aches or injuries. Meaning it is a great way to ease into exercise and reduce tension in your body. Being active and exercising is an important step to maintaining and improving your wellbeing.

Swimming at Alderford

Here at Alderford, we like to make your experience as a swimmer as enjoyable as possible. Here are a few thing we have to offer:

Swimmers hut: This is a private place accessible for swimmers only. We understand it’s helpful to have a place to keep your belongings organised and safe whilst you’re in the lake. Making changing from wet to dry clothes a lot easier.

Hot food & Drinks: Getting out of the water can be very cold. It’s important to gradually warm your body up when getting out. Grabbing something warm to drink or to eat can be helpful. You could grab a warm drink from our Takeaway, or perhaps a bite to eat at the Lakeside kitchen.

Community: It’s nice to keep in touch with other users of the lake. You can do this by joining our Facebook group for lake users only!

Alderford Lake at Sunset
So join us, and enjoy a swim here at Alderford Lake.

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