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Two Bare Feet Paddle Board Review! - alderford

Two Bare Feet Paddle Board Review!


Two Bare Feet Paddle Board Review!

Looking at what paddle board to buy but not sure what questions to ask? Well today I spoke to our Activities Assistant Manager Sophie and asked her a few questions about the Two Bare Feet Paddle Boards we use at Alderford, to help you know if its the paddle board for you!

1. What make and model Two Bare Foot paddle board are you reviewing?

Sophie: Two Bare Foot Sport Air (All-round) 10.6″ x 33″ x 4.75″ Inflatable SUP.

2. Is the design nice?

Sophie: The board come ins blue or aqua. It is a simple and professional look. There is a handle at the nose, centre and tail of the board which makes it easy to carry and self-rescue. About two-thirds of the boards is a 5mm foam which makes for comfortable sitting/standing. There is elastic bungee on the front third of the board which allows for storage. There are 3 fins on the board, 2 small 2.5″ sidebite fins plus 1 large 9″ removable centre fin.

3. What type of paddle boarding can it be used for? Lake/sea, etc.

Sophie: As the name suggests this is an all-round board so can be used on still or tidal water. Just make sure you do your research about the water and environment first!

4. What ability level is it good for?

Sophie: The Two Bare Feet Sport Air is designed for intermediate and expert paddlers who want a board that can handle a bit of everything.

5. What accessories are supplied? And are they good quality?

Sophie: There is a variety of different options and packages you can get from Two Bare Feet depending on how much you are wanting to spend. All boards come with a paddle, fin, hand pump, repair kit and 90L drybag. Starting with the paddle, the most basic package offers a standard aluminium 3-piece SUP paddle. Then there is the option to upgrade your paddle to fibreglass, carbon or bamboo carbon for an additional charge. There is the option for a leash, quick-release waist belt, paddle bag and electric pump for again an additional charge. In terms of quality, the aluminium paddle is a great starter option which is durable and robust. The fins slide in easily as long as there is no dirt in it and are hard-wearing.

6. Is it easy to transport and put up and down?

Sophie: In terms of transport, it is pretty easy. Each board comes with a 90L drybag which is plenty of space to fit in the board and fin but is a bit of a squeeze for the hand pump too. There is a nice little place for the paddle on the outside of the bag. In terms of inflation/deflation it takes roughly 15-20 minutes with the hand pump. With the electric pump it takes approximately 10 minutes. If you are debating splashing the cash for an electric pump I would highly recommend.

7. What are your pros?

Sophie: Long-lasting, durable board. Its stable and east to carry and transport.

8. What are your cons?

Sophie: The foam starts to bubble after time. The design could be regarded as boring considering other options on the market.

9. Specifications?

Sophie: Dimensions: 10.6″ x 33″ x 4.75″.

Board volume: 250 Litres.

Board weight: 10.2 kg.

Max payload: 150 kg.

PSI: 15 – 18 Pa.

10. Price – Is it good value for money?

Sophie: At the moment Two Bare Feet have got a discount on the starter pack for the board. It’s retailing at £450 and the regular price is advertised at £750. So, in terms of good value for money, at £459 YES, at £750 NO.

Want to get your own Two Bare Feet Board, then click here!

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